Your Mind, Body and Food Connection

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Our mind, body and food connection is a particularly fascinating subject.

In this article, we’ll focus on some interesting high-tech ways to enhance the mind.

Much can be said about the mind, and much already has been.

Libraries have entire sections dedicated to the various studies and sciences of the brain and mind.

Here on MindFoodBody.Me, we’ll try to focus our coverage of the mind on how it works fundamentally and how to enhance it.

We could get down into the weeds of psychology, and perhaps we will in future articles, since mood, feelings and behavior are directly tied to how much exercise we get and what we take in for fuel.

But for now, let’s proceed under the notion that you are here to seek ways to enhance or augment your body, brain and mind, rather than trying to “fix” something abnormal by psychological standards.

Agreed? Great.

Now, when it comes to the mind – an intangible thing – there are many tangible factors that influence it.

The mind is “generated” by the brain, a physical structure, and augmented by other physical structures in your body.

Your heart, liver and especially your colon are loaded with neurons that communicate with the brain.

In fact, your colon or large intestine (i.e. the gut) is commonly referred to as “the second brain” by scientists, due not only to the presence of so many neurons, but also due to the activity of the¬†probiotic colonies within.

When you consider:

  • There are trillions of microorganisms within your gut (see articles on probiotics)
  • They influence the neurons there, based on what you feed them and how you treat them
  • Then it’s not at all unreasonable to presume their heavy influence on the brain and thus, the mind

So yes, clean, chemical-free foods are going to be better for all concerned – neurons, beneficial gut microorganisms, mind, YOU – than low quality, contaminated counterparts.

And your diet is how you can “tweak” your mind on a daily basis, for better or worse.

So is exercise.

But what really appeals to us is the use of modern technology to enhance, augment and even improve our minds.

I’m talking about meditation, NLP, hypnosis, subliminal messaging, brainwave entrainment, light and sound therapy, nootropics and others.

This is the stuff that can separate you from virtually all others that don’t use it.

It’s cutting edge. And it can cut decades off of the drudgery and practice that was previously required to reap the benefits.

This the sort of thing that the mainstream now call “biohacking”, but we¬†reject that term.

Hacking refers to illegal entry into a secure electronic storage system. The key word is “illegal”.

Which is why we prefer more descriptive terms like enhancing, augmenting, improving or even evolving.

You can add the bio part if you like…

In other words, I’m mostly talking about taking the time to put on a set of headphones and listen to a recording on a regular basis.

Not your favorite band or tunes. Something far different, soothing, powerful.

Maybe it’s the sound of the seashore. Or maybe the forest at night or the gentle patter of rain.

Depending on the technology (or technologies) embedded in the recording, the background will vary.

But the idea is to use a peaceful, repetitive or melodic background soundscape, so that the real magic can happen without you noticing or being distracted by it.

Incredible change is possible with so little conscious effort.

Or large amounts of time required.

And yet so few know about it. Which is sad.

Expect to hear a lot more about this in the future, as it’s not just fascinating, but genuinely life changing (without the need for cheap hype).

In fact, pretty much everyone who knows me has heard about these technologies as well as probiotics.

That’s how important I feel they are.

Hopefully, I’ll convince you in the articles throughout this site.

Read on, friend!

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