Why You Should Move Your Body

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And that it circulates all around the body, capturing toxins and trash and dumping them into the various elimination pathways?

But here’s the kicker: it takes muscle contraction and relaxation throughout the body to move the lymph fluid along.

The blood has the heart to pump it automatically, but the lymphatic system runs on a system of bellows, as it were.

Thus, the less you move your body, the less effective your lymphatic system will be.

And the less effective your lymphatic system, the greater your toxic load and the weaker your immune system.

So, aside from burning calories for energy, muscle contraction and relaxation – i.e. exercise – helps to detox the body and stimulate the immune system.

And there’s more. Exercise also stimulates production of the “feel good” hormones, serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine as well as the “good sleep” hormone, melatonin.

While simultaneously reducing levels of the bad chemicals in your blood, like the stress hormone cortisol, excessive levels of estrogen or testosterone and adrenaline.

And, believe it or not, simple gentle movements like those in yoga or Tai Chi are sufficient to get your “juices” flowing.

If you are just starting an exercise program, take it slow if you need to. Any movement is better than none.

But there’s one thing that’s almost certain. You’ll feel better.

You’ll be eliminating toxins, keeping your joints lubricated, infusing your muscles and brain with freshly oxygenated blood, producing good chemicals and curtailing bad chemicals, bolstering
your immune system, eating and sleeping better.

Depressed? Exercise. Overweight? Exercise. Bad skin (i.e. toxic load)? Exercise. Poor sleep? Exercise. Achy joints? Exercise. Sex no good? Exercise. Can’t focus? Exercise.

Something as simple as a fifteen-minute walk each day can work wonders.

Actually, there are a LOT more benefits to exercise than just those, but those are pretty significant, don’t you think?

Obviously, those benefits extend to your entire body and all of its systems.

The reason for me writing this is echoed across this site: mindfulness.

I believe that merely being aware of something is often enough to push us to action or to change.

A gentle nudge, rather than a swift kick.

Because moving your body purposefully on a regular basis, is a matter of choice.

And maybe a little more insight into how it benefits you will help you to make that choice and change your life for the better.

Like, instead of doing some “cardio”, how about reframing it to doing some “lymphio”?

Just a thought…

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