Why You Should Move Your Body

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Something like why you should move your body may seem like a pretty straightforward (and even boring) sort of subject, but there might be more to it than you think.

Especially when you look around you anywhere in the civilized world and see such a large percentage of overweight people.

And we’ve all heard it over and over: diet and exercise are paramount.

But I think most people think that the exercise thing is just too much work, too time-consuming and simply won’t fit into their lifestyle.

Maybe that’s because they’ve been exposed to too many hyped ads about losing 15 pounds in a week and are completely jaded about diet and exercise programs.

I can understand the dismay millions must feel, after having been duped yet again by the latest fad.

In a way, I also feel sorry that they feel so desperate they will keep trying new things.

But I prefer to take a more rational approach to the idea of exercise and weight management.

First, no matter how overweight or out of shape you are, it didn’t happen overnight.

Or in a week, month or even a year, right?

So, absent some serious surgical intervention (or a wasting disease), there is no chance that you are going to reverse years of abuse and neglect in a matter of days or weeks.

Magic pills and metabolism boosters are a lie. Fad weight loss diets have a greater than 75% rebound rate, with more weight gained back than lost.

And super-intense workout programs are only for a small segment of the population.

Unless you are very motivated, you probably won’t be all that comfortable going from complete couch potato to sweating profusely in your living room or local gym.

It would probably be quite good for you to do that, but will you?

How about taking a daily walk? A weekly yoga class? Pilates?

Well, here’s the thing. Moving your body is far more than just exercise.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Tai Chi or full-on MMA, walking or sprinting, surfing or snowboarding.

Because exercise activates your lymphatic system, the body’s “garbage man”.

Did you know that you have more lymph fluid than blood?

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